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West Hills Campus Fall Launch

Dear AACA Parents:

Tomorrow our Fall 2020-21 semester begins. We had such high hopes that we would be able to open our campus to in person learning; only to be mandated by Governor Newsom to open with a distance learning model. Words could not possibly express our disappointment at this news. The staff at AACA know too well, the impact this news has on our students and their families. Many of us are in similar situations with our own children.

AACA has and will continue to work to take full advantage of any loopholes that may come our way which may enable us to enhance the delivery of education and/or services to our students. In order to make this semester successful and ensure our students’ continued progress; we are asking all of our parents and caregivers to become an integral part of the learning process. Your engagement with your student in their learning is so important to their continued success. Our teachers, clinicians and support staff will do whatever they can to make themselves available to work with you in collaboration to understand how best to support your student. Our teachers have worked very hard to set up their virtual curriculum to meet the very strict standards mandated by the California Department of Education. Because they are required to do a certain amount of “whole group instruction”, there are aspects of their class schedules which are absolutely not flexible. Despite the fact that our current learning model MUST be virtual, it remains compliant with the state and federal mandates that require students to attend school.

We will continue to use TEAMS as our virtual platform. If you do not know how to use TEAMS, please email Adam Bernstein our Operations Manager at and he will get instructions out to you. If your student does not have a device which would enable them to log into their virtual classroom, please email Leslie Michelle, Administrator at and we will make sure a device is provided for them.

When we do return to on-site learning, we will be so excited to show all of our students and their families our new facility, our new classroom furniture and on campus supports! Until then, stay healthy and remember…..we are in this together!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call the office. We will continue to update you as new information is available.

AACA WH Administration

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