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Our mission at the Academy for Advancement of Children with Autism (AACA) is to empower students with autism to reach their highest potential through innovative and personalized education and treatment. We offer cutting-edge research-based therapies, tailored programs, and a collaborative approach to support academic, social, and personal growth.


Director's Message

At the Academy, our utmost priority is to create a nurturing and inclusive community where every student feels a true sense of belonging and inner peace. We understand the profound challenges our students face in various areas, such as sensory input/output, social skills, transitions, vocal ability, and general functioning. Many arrive at our school with significant behavioral issues developed over years of coping with their unique challenges.

From the moment our students join us, our compassionate and experienced staff establishes a genuine connection that helps them relax and feel understood. By reducing their frustration, we empower them to communicate their needs and desires effectively, leading to improved focus and enhanced learning. We firmly believe that every child possesses the capacity to learn and grow.

Recognizing that struggles in these areas can impact academic performance and social skills, we approach our programs with positivity and a can-do attitude. Our school environment is not punitive; instead, we create opportunities for students to earn rewards and reinforcement. Our goal is to celebrate their successes, fostering self-esteem and unlocking their untapped potential.

We wholeheartedly believe that each of our students is embarking on a journey of self-actualization towards their highest potential. At the Academy, we are committed to providing the necessary support and guidance to help them achieve their goals. Together, we will nurture their talents, paving the way for a bright future ahead.

Vision & Values

Together, we envision a future where unity and collaboration drive our success. We strive to be a beacon of support and empowerment, guiding individuals with autism towards their highest potential. With our unwavering commitment to teamwork, we will break barriers, inspire growth, and create a world of endless possibilities for our students and their families.

  • Unity

  • Empathy

  • Collaboration

  • Excellence

  • Resilience

  • Empowerment

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Joy & Celebration

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AACA Antelope Valley

Brianne Ciarloni


Jan DelCastillo

Education Specialist

Loreley Salty

Office Manager

Haley Remsing

Education Specialist

Jennifer Ines

Education Specialist

Vanessa Banuelos

Education Specialist

Jaquelin Rios-Medrano

Catherine Clark

Education Specialist

Education Specialist

AACA Chatsworth

Dr. Ian Sayer


Marine Sungulyan

Education Specialist

Tawala Sharp

Office Manager

Amy Han

Education Specialist

Laiah Lampke

Education Specialist

Rob Carter

Education Specialist

Romy Vladimirov

Education Specialist

Wanda Northrop

Education Specialist

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