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Class meeting summary from 8/6/2020

On 8/6/2020 Leslie Michelle, Administrator and Karin Vanderpool, Assistant Admin held meetings with each AACA classroom teacher and the parents. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current orders issued by Governor Newsom and CA DPHS. It was evidenced that under the current orders, AACA must open with a distance learning platform until otherwise notified by LA DPHS that we are off the “watch list”. It was also discussed that because we are defined as “essential workers” that AACA can offer clinical services on campus, individually, while adhering to all LA DPHS guidelines. It was our goal to determine which families might be interested in bringing their students onsite under those guidelines, for which services, and how often. It was discussed that parents would not be obligated to either service delivery model and could “toggle” back and forth as needed with the proper notice to clinicians. It was also made clear to parents the NO student will be permitted to attend school whether it be distance learning or on campus learning without having turned in the 2020-21 student forms that were mailed out to each AACA families (a self-addressed stamped return envelope was included in all packets for this purpose). We discussed the importance of accountability to compliance and the necessity for us all to work together during these turbulent times. On site delivery of services will not commence with the August 12th start date due to the necessity to construct an infrastructure that is efficient, compliant, safe and effective.  AACA will send out updates regarding this as soon as there are any.    All teaching staff and administrative staff are happy to answer any questions via email.

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