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AACA Student Illness and Medication Management Policy

AACA Student Illness and Medication Management Policy

There are times when parents/caregivers will be called to pick up their student early. Those circumstances are as follows:

· If a student is running a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher

· If a student presents with symptoms of COVID 19

· If a student has on-going diarrhea

· If a student vomits and/or exhibits flu like symptoms

· If it is suspected or verified that a student has lice

· If it is suspected that a student has chicken pox or pink eye

· If a student is injured beyond a cut, scrape or minor bruise

· If a student assaults staff

When a student is picked up early they can only return to school after they have been symptom free for 24 hours OR have a physician’s note to return. Regarding the administration of medication during school hours: AACA office personnel will securely store and administer medication to students ONLY when the appropriate forms are filled out in advance. Those forms will be kept on file for as long as the medication regiment is in place. New forms MUST be filled out any time there is a change in medication. In compliance with education law, AACA maintains a medication log and complies with all contracted LEA medication administration policies.

NO medication shall be given to any student without the appropriate forms. Medication forms can be found on the AACA parent portal on our website or obtained in our office.

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