Our Promise

As co-founders and administrators at the Academy; it is our promise to our students to do all in our power to find the most personally relevant way (to the student, of course!) in which to deliver an education truly designed to meet each student’s individual needs. To that end, we are committed to remaining in flux, changing with the times; subscribing to the latest research and stepping outside the boundaries of traditional ways of teaching in an effort to reach each child. Being entrusted with a Parent’s most precious commodity, their child is a gift we take seriously. We are committed to greeting each student, every day, with a spirit of positivity, and an unwavering belief that there is no limit to what each student can accomplish given the right set of tools. It is our desire that each Academy student become academically and socially successful. These students are our future and they have vast untapped talent, skills, and gifts to offer the world! We are always mindful that the true gift is in the journey; not necessarily the destination.


Leslie Michelle

Donald Ghrist