Our Philosophy

The collective mind of the Academy board of directors, agree that the most important thing for each student enrolled at one of our schools is that they feel a sense of community and belonging; which will ultimately translate into a feeling of peace and well being while on campus. So many of our children are experience profound challenges in the areas of sensory input/output, social skills, transition, vocal ability, level of general function, and often have behavioral issues within their immediate family. When they first come to the Academy as a student, many present with significant behaviors as a result of years of having to cope in sometimes socially unacceptable ways; with their specific challenge. Once they get a sense of what type of people our staff are, their level of compassion combined with experience; the student almost automatically begins to relax a bit without any formal intervention at all.

We believe that this comes from an immediately perceived understanding on the part of the student that our staff “gets” them. We understand that once the level of frustration is reduced, we can begin to give our students more appropriate and meaningful ways to communicate their wants, needs and desires. This in turn will make their ability to focus, and attend to learning infinitely more successful. We believe that any child is capable of learning and growing. We understand that an inability to function well in any or all of these areas will ultimately result in poor academics as well as poor social skills. That having been said, our staff utilizes their behavioral skills to impart a sense of positivity and a can-do attitude. Our school program is not punitive. Our programs are set up so that students can earn various re-enforcers. We want to catch them being good rather than setting them up for daily failure, which in turn leads to diminished self-esteem. We honestly believe that within each of our students lies a fountain of untapped potential, which if harvested in the right way, will be the building blocks for their future lives. We believe that all of our students are on a journey to self-actualize to their absolutely highest potential and we at The Academy wish to do all in our power to facilitate them reaching those goals.