Our Mission

The Academy for Advancement of Children with Autism is a non-public school which is committed to helping children reach their highest potential. It is our goal to assist students to increase academic focus and build upon strengths while minimizing challenges. We at AACA understand that research in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders is ongoing and hope that we will have answers soon. However; while we wait for those answers, as parents and educators our primary focus must be on what can be done now to assist this rapidly increasing population of students to achieve academic and social success. Education, treatment and remediation at The Academy is not relegated to a single approach or recipe, but rather one that is fluid and tailor made for each individual student. In the end, it is each student achieving his or her best potentiality that is most important.

AACA has a systemic approach to education and treatment. We believe that in order for a person to achieve their highest level of functioning that we need to acknowledge the fact that they come from a family, attend a school, and live in a community. If we do not educate and support the various systems so that they can be proactive in the accommodation of each and every child then we do not set the child up for achieving complete success.

AACA provides an academic solution for children facing developmental challenges, which incorporates individualized treatment programs geared toward the advancement of each child. We realize that no two children sharing the same diagnosis will respond equally to the same exact educational program, course of treatment or approach to remediation. Additionally, we are aware that transition is extremely difficult for most children facing these types of challenges. Therefore, we have determined that it is necessary for the best results to make available different types of treatment options so that each child’s specific needs can be addressed.

The treatment modalities offered at AACA are the most cutting edge, research based treatments available to date. These treatment modalities include Applied Behavior Analysis, DIR/Floortime Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills, Functional Life Skills, Community Based Instruction, Career Guidance, Work Experience, and Physical Therapy.

Our Staff at AACA are all licensed, credentialed, or appropriately trained in their areas of specialization. Each staff member shares the AACA philosophy and vision. They work hard to remain in collaboration with each student’s family/caregiver, school (in the case of clinic based services), and community organizations. The staff is especially conscientious in maintaining an open line of communication with all of the therapists and treatment providers for each student.

Mission Statement

A commitment to bring motivated professionals, fresh ideas and research based treatment to a population of students with a growing voice…