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Autism in the Brain

If the brain were a house with many rooms, you wouldn’t find autism in just one of them. Autism has many causes and many forms. But no matter which form it takes, it seems to touch the entire brain. It permeates and perturbs the beams, foundation, wiring and piping of the house, rather than just, say, the kitchen.
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April is autism awareness month: Get the facts

The national statistics are startling. One in 68 children in the United States is diagnosed with ASD. In addition, there are increased rates of intellectual disabilities, ADHD, learning disabilities and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. It is clear that the need to address our children's developmental health has reached a critical stage.
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7 Reasons I Wish I Could Be More Like My Son With Autism

He is comfortable in his own skin and nothing embarrasses him. Evan doesn't even understand the concept of embarrassment. When we tried to explain it to him, he asked if it hurts when your face turns red. I know embarrassment is a useful emotion. We're still trying to teach him not to drop his pants to his ankles at a urinal. But I'd often be better off without all that worry that comes with embarrassment. It must be so freeing not to care whether others are judging you.
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